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Welcome to Stu's World - home of the original Stu Baker

Stu was born in California, raised in Chicago, went to high school in Evanston and spent his deformative college years in Madison, Wisconsin.

He now works as a geek for Northwestern University where he does new media, multimedia, audio and web stuff. Stu's official title is Associate University Librarian for Library Technology

Stu loves his wife Janet, and of course the rest of his family including his cats, his fish and his niece Brigitte and his nephews Christopher and Nathan. Stu and Janet live at The Pierre which is right by the site (2122 N. Clark St.) of the St. Valentines Day Massacre.

In his spare time Stu hangs out at the Lincoln Park Zoo, Nature Museum and Chicago Historical Society. He loves watching Da Bears, 24, listening to Garbage, playing tennis, entertaining, cooking and eating food and taking pictures.

Updated: March 20, 2010

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