Howard Baker, Stu's dad

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The Family

Without a doubt the biggest influence on my life was my father. He was my role model and mentor. He will always be my hero and his influence on our family will live on.

My brothers and I (with Mom coaching on the sideline) tried to capture our thoughts in the eulogy which my brother Bob read at his funeral on the first day of winter December 21, 2001.

One of dad's great passions was his work with Rotary. He founded the Schaumburg Rotary Club and was an active member even after retirement. His colleagues in Rotary wrote some touching throughts about dad after his death.

For all of us who knew and loved my father I offer up one of his his favorite sayings:
"Comes the revolution we'll all be penniless, except for the Czar and he'll be Nicholas".

Howard and Marge on their honeymoon in Sacramento

Howard and Marge on their honeymoon in Sacramento


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Updated: April 27, 2018